Wayne Price

Years of experience: 47

Michael Price

Years of experience: 8

About Preferred Valve

Our objective is to identify the product fit and function required to best serve our customer's process with value and performance. As a privately owned company, PV&C can offer personalized service to meet your needs and adapt when those needs change. Find out how we can help you and your business today!

Company Background

Preferred Valve & Controls was founded in 2009 by Wayne Price, who entered the industry in 1972 working in the valve shop at W-K-M. He spent nearly 27 years with one of the world's largest valve manufacturing companies and still serves as a consultant on the valve committee today. In 1999, Wayne pursued his lifelong dream of owning his own company and became one-third owner of a specialty valve and automation distributor covering the Southeast. Ten years later, Wayne branched off from his partners and went back to his roots with his own shop. After many blessings, including growth into a larger, brand new facility, he soon recruited two of his sons Michael and Jonathan, making Preferred Valve truly a family operation. At Preferred Valve & Controls the customers' needs are our priority.

Sales Staff

Our Vision

Jonathan Price

Years of experience: 16

Preferred Valve & Controls is an independent, family owned business. We specialize in high quality industrial valves and valve automation products. A service-oriented company, it is our goal to be more than a supplier of products, but also strive to develop partnerships with our clients as process consultants. Doing so we help optimize your assets, maximize production and reduce costs. Preferred Valve together has over 70 years' experience in both working for a major manufacturer and in distribution. We have participated in projects all over the world, large and small. We have experience in pulp & paper, chemical, power generation, food processing and other process industries.